Malaysians: Do You Need A Tourist Visa for Belarus?

The answer is YES !

(Which my sister found this out the hard way as she was being deported back to the Polish border during her train trip through Eastern Europe heading towards Russia. -_-)

There is an option for the tourist visa exemption for up to 5 days (but you must enter and exit through Minsk International Airport and it isn't valid for land transfers.

  • Valid passport for 6 months from entry and two blank pages
  • Proof of onward or return flights
  • Valid medical insurance
  • 42 Belarusian rubles per day of stay
  • Medical insurance

Malaysia apparently doesn't have a Belarus embassy and most information seems to indicate that the best option is to actually apply for the visa-free travel through the airport. However, if you did need to get a visa for more than 5 days, you will need a short term visa.

  • Visa application form
  • One photograph
  • Valid passport up to 6 months
  • Visa support document (invitation from a tourist company etc)
  • Medical insurance
  • Visa fees to be paid in cash upon submission (between EU25-30)