Malaysians: Do You Need A Visa for China?

The answer is YES!

For Malaysians, you have to get a Chinese visa. There are a few different options of visa types; if you are just passing through you can get a 24 hour transit visa (only valid if you come in through an international airport) or otherwise your average tourist visa. You will need these things:

  • Visa Form (can be filled in here)
  • Two (2) pieces of passport size color photo (against a white background)
  • Original Passport
  • Supporting document eg copy of flight ticket, Itinerary or hotel booking
  • Visa fees to be paid in cash or card upon submission.   
    • Single Entry - RM104.20   
    • Double Entries - RM124.20
    • Further fees for different passport types here

      Submission : Monday - Friday (9am until 3pm)
      Collection: Monday - Friday (2.30 pm until 4.00 pm) 

Download the application form (which can be found online here) and head over to:

Chinese Visa Application Service Centre (KL)
Level 5 & 6, Hampshire Place Office,
Jalan Mayang Sari,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603- 2176 0888

Entrance to the centre right after the lifts.

Entrance to the centre right after the lifts.

Head up to the fifth floor and get a number. They have a booth inside to take your passport photos and make photocopies of relevant documents if you haven't done that before. It was quite efficient when I went, I probably waited about twenty minutes for my number to be called, dropped off my documents and was given a receipt with a collection number on it.

It usually takes 3-4 working days (although they generally recommend a leeway of two weeks), and the collection process was equally easy - head up to the sixth floor, grab a number and wait to pick up the passport and visa. Payment is made on pickup.

Waiting area for document pick up. Numbers are called out on screens around.

Waiting area for document pick up. Numbers are called out on screens around.

I found the whole process quite easy and straightforward - definitely a far cry from how complicated it used to be. Now the systems are computerized it's made things a lot easier for sure, but like all visas, don't take your chances at the last minute.